Accurate, just-in-time solutions

Southern Steel is first for steel… and first for service. We hold a massive inventory of plate, structural steel, merchant bar, pipe and RHS DuraGal® Profiles, giving us the capability to manage small to large-scale projects and long-term supply.

And our agility and can-do attitude allow us to move fast to deliver accurate, just-in-time solutions to construction, engineering and manufacturing challenges.

Different steels and truck

Supporting local... servicing wide

At Southern Steel, we live and breathe steel. We supply steel for construction, transport, agriculture and architecture.

You’ll find our steel in bridges and boat sheds, schools and stadiums, homes and high rise.

And we’re happy to help everyone… from backyard renovators to small fabrication businesses and large tier one corporations.

We source our quality steel nationally and internationally. Firm supporters of local steel mills… the majority of our steel is, by choice, Australian made. We complete our range with quality imports to deliver what our customers need.

Family business and first-class service

Southern Steel is a proud member of the Southern Steel Group, the largest privately owned steel supplier in Australia.

Despite its size, the Southern Steel Group is still a family business, and it continues to be run as a family of companies that know steel, value quality… and make excellent customer service their absolute top priority.

Project perfect steel when you need it

Each branch of Southern Steel has an extensive in-house operation, allowing us to process steel to your company’s exact requirements.

In addition, our robust systems and accreditations meet the highest quality standards.

Our services include plasma and oxy cutting, profiling to 1mm tolerance, tapping, coping and bevelling. Our advanced technology includes beam lines and plate profiling facilities.

Working on a large project? Our expert team will work with your fabricators, design teams and project managers – and even visit you on-site – to make sure you get the metal supply you need, 100% to specification. We also schedule staggered delivery to minimise your materials handling and help streamline your processes.

Man operating a cutting machine

Safety assured for superior solutions

Quality and efficiency are our trademarks… and we’re absolutely committed to the health and safety of our team and customers. Our staff are trained in all relevant safety regulations. And we’re a quality assured company, with most of our sites accredited and audited to international standard ISO 9001.

Our Chain of Responsibility Policy gives each and every staff member accountability for smooth and systematic steel processing and delivery. And we’re committed to comprehensive quality assurance.

At Southern Steel, our word is our bond. We keep our promises. And we take personal pride in delivering precision processed, project ready structural steel components exactly when you need them.

Need Advice?

Our team members are proud steel experts and empowered to find the solutions you need. Contact your local branch in Sydney, Dubbo, Tamworth, Wagga Wagga, Newcastle or Wollongong for a fast response.


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